Advices for the PRODER-EU funded subsidies

Mar 12 2014 11:31 Need some help/advice on how to apply for the PRODER-EU funded subsidies - Pedido Único 2014?Some of you might be aware that we are now (and until the end of April) in the period set by the portuguese agricultural and fishing funding authorities...

Permaculture Design Course - April - Aljezur

Feb 11 2014 19:21 Permaculture Design Course from 17 - 27 April, led by Peter Cow, and a pretty exciting Natural Building course following that, from 1 - 10 May. Full details are as usual on

Permaculture Design Course, Aljezur, 2-14 September

Aug 10 2013 15:35 Full certificated Permaculture Design Course at Várzea da Gonçala, Aljezur, 2 - 14 September 2013, taught by Lesley Martin. See for details.

Organic Horticulture: Permaculture Zones 1 and 2, 30th July to 3rd August

Jun 27 2013 20:11 Organic Horticulture: Permaculture Zones 1 and 2Tuesday 30th July – Saturday 3rd August 2013We’ve always asked visitors to the farm what they would like to learn more about. The actual nitty gritty of growing food is the most common answer, so this 5...

Introduction to Permaculture Weekend 27th and 28th July

Jun 27 2013 20:09 Introduction to Permaculture WeekendSaturday 27th July – Sunday 28th July 2013.Enjoy this introduction to permaculture over a relaxed weekend. Designer and teacher Rob van Deursen will guide us through the basics of permaculture using a combination...

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