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How to travel to Portugal?

By airplane:
There are three international airports in mainland Portugal: Porto, Lisboa and Faro.
You can click here to check all the flights to these airports.
By train:
The main international trains coming to Portugal are the Sud-Express that connect Paris to Lisboa and the Lusitania that connects Madrid to Lisboa.
By bus:
Eurolines is one company that can bring you to Portugal.

How to travel inside Portugal?

The only national passenger train service in Portugal is done by CP - www.cp.pt .
This operator offers different kinds of service. You can choose from the cheapest and slow to the expensive and fast you can choose: Suburbano, Regional, Inter-Regional, InterCidades and Alfa Pendular.
The bus is a good option when you need to reach places not served by train. The main bus company is called Rede Expressos – www.rede-expressos.pt .
Hitchhiking can be an option in small villages, but be ready to be a long time waiting.

I don't speak Portuguese, is this a problem?

Most of the young Portuguese people speak English. Language is not a problem in Portugal as people who don’t speak English usually make a big effort to communicate with you.

Do I need a Visa?

If you are not an EU citizen, you need to check at a Portuguese Embassy to discover if you will need a Visa. We CANNOT help you with any kind of letter or recommendation. You can check here to discover where is the closest embassy to you.
A WWOOFer isn't a worker but a tourist sharing experiences with the hosts. In case you want to work in Portugal and you are not an EU citizen, you will need a special working visa.


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