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The private message (mal)function?

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Written on Mar 02 2011 12:51
Deleted User I have received some private messages and that is good, the problem is when i send a message back. When i press send the screen turns white and nothing happens. When i check out-box the mail is there.

My question is: Does the mail get sent?

Thanx, Daniel
Written on Mar 02 2011 14:10
Deleted User Thank you for the bug-report. We will look into it immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Written on Mar 02 2011 14:19
Deleted User Works now, thanks for the heads up!
Written on Mar 02 2011 18:16
Deleted User no problems icon_smile.gif still didnt answer my question though, should i resend the messages now or are they sent?
Written on Jun 16 2014 12:53
Deleted User bonjour, j'ai exactement le même problème lorsque je veux envoyez un message privé, la page reviens a son origine c'est a dire comme si je n'avais rien écrit. Pouvez vous m'aider svp .