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Written on Mar 15 2011 09:02
Deleted User Hey wwoofers out thereicon_smile.gif,

i am daniel from germany. I will be travelling and wwoofing
this summer in sweden and norway. My travel will mainly be in
may 2011. I will drive around with a car and have room for one
other person. I am planning on sleeping in the tent or do couchsurfing
while travelling, or a hostel once in a while...
I am looking for a nice tavel-mate, i think its just nicer to travel together.
Also it would be great if we can share the money for the petrolicon_smile.gif
Here is my plan: i will be from 11.5.-14.5. in Copenhagen and then drive
on the 14.5. to sweden. I will travel all along the westcoast of sweden
( i am planning stays overnight in Halmstad and Göteborg).
From 18.5.-22.5. i will be in Oslo and on the 22.5. i will start for a tour
through norway until the end of may. I think the tour will be more or less like
that: Oslo - Bergen (Hardangerfjord) then north to (and along) the Sognefjord,
the glacier Jostedal, then hiking in Jotunheimen, then slowly back towards Oslo,
and further to Stockholm (where i will be wwoofing afterwards).

So if you are interested and want further details send me an e-mail:">

I like to visit the cities as well as enjoy the nature in sweden and norway
i would like to do some (smaller) hikes on the way...

Hope to hear from you,

P.S. my email starts with my name, its not 2 times the same, i dont
know why its shown like that..