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give us hosts plenty of notice

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Written on Sep 15 2011 23:15
Deleted User hoping in a world of constant communications that wwoofers didn't cancel with short notice
if one hasn't got plenty of accomodation or work one doesn't want to book in 4 wwoofers to be sure to get 1 or 2,but when some people think it's ok to cancel with a weeks august we suddenly had NO woofers!!!
so please,I belive in clear communications beforehand and also to book or cancel in good time,for all our sakes
have a good autumn,ninni
Written on Oct 17 2011 09:18
Deleted User I have the same experience and I think it is fairly common.
Maybe there should be a public display of "failed show up".

Written on Oct 22 2011 15:39
Deleted User Sebastian, how do you mean? "failed show up"?? We appreciate all ideas!