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New year with wwoofing!?

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Written on Dec 18 2011 19:39
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Jul 30 2011
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We are Thibaut and Mélanie, brother and sister, 29 and 31, from Belgium.
I´m living in Lisbon, she is living in Cannes, France.

She will come to visit me here in Portugal and we would like to spend the last night of 2011 in countryside.
We don´t really like big party, DJ´s and so one... but prefer some people around a fire place, exchanging ideas, good food and good time.
I started wwoofing this year in Portugal and had very good experiences and people!
So we´re looking for a host doing something during these days. She arrives the 31th of december in Porto in the morning and take the bus.
Of course we can stay some days more to help in the work, or pay something for the food/drink...
I have a van and we can sleep inside if there is no free space, we have sleeping bag too.
So, if you know a place, or have a friend who have a friend who heard about a place or something, just tell us icon_smile.gif
It will be good around Lisbon or between Lisbon and Coimbra... not in the south I mean.
Together we speak french, English, spanish, portuguese and italian icon_wink.gif

Thanks you and see you.
Thibaut and Melanie