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looking for host in portugal near faro

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Written on Mar 16 2012 11:57
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Jan 08 2012
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Mt name is Toni mature student finished my horticultural Diploma a few years ago just joined the Portugal Wwoofing,i have a weeks holiday and have booked a flight from the 12TH of April to 19TH 2012 TO FARO, would love to come to one of the host in the area and be involved in whatever they want me to do,i am interested in all areas of sustainable living permaculture,lives in west of IRELAND had an acre of land on which i grew fruit and vegetables organically, also had 30ft pollytunnel, bqack in suburbian Scotland now still growing a little.Love working in this enviroment and miss my lifestyle that i had in Ireland, look forward to hearing from any hosts who would be intersted in having me for a week .

Thankyou Toni.