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Written on Apr 07 2012 09:55
Deleted User Many wwoofers do not have much information at their profile. Some has nothing. It seems that they think that hosts looking and reading all profiles. The website "wwoof-Sweden" seems to make that impression.

But it is opposite. There are ten times more wwoofers than hosts. So normally requests is coming from wwoofers to the hosts.

So website "wwoof-Sweden" must be more clear. And connected also.

When wwoofers make their registration they must print down some few important points. This is what I thing it is necessary. Sex, age, time for their wwoofing-period. And it should also be a mark that say that they want to be contacted or that themselves will contact the hosts. (I find it very strange when I have contacted wwoofers and do not get any answer).

Maybe there are more points which should be in profile like if wwoofer is vegetarian/vegan.

I think we must discuss this issu. To get a better communicational way between wwoofers and hosts.