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Written on Aug 05 2012 21:38
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Aug 05 2012
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hi im an american citizen with a passport, from what ive read i can stay in the schenegan zone for 90 days out of 180 and dont need to apply for a visa because i have a passport, so i plan on wwoofing in the schenegan zone for 3 months going up to the uk for 3 months and then back into the schenegan zone. im going to start off in portugal am i alright with just my passport? i bought a one way ticket so am i going to get questiond by immegration and have show proof of an invitation? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
Written on Aug 05 2012 23:36
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Hi Calvin,

You are travelling to Portugal as a tourist, so you may have the all the authorization required to a tourist.

As an American I don't think you need any kind of Visa. If you need further clarification you may contact the Portuguese Embassy in USA.

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