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Any host needs help during July / beginning of August?

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Written on Jun 02 2011 14:20
Deleted User Hello everyone,

My name is Pia Noël, I am half american half belgian although I have lived for most of my life in Spain and currently am living in Scotland... I am 21 and will be attending a course at Aarhus University starting the 8th of August. Before going to this course I would love to spend some time in Denmark woofing.
I have not woofed before but have always wanted to try the experience. I am a hard worker and would be glad to help anyone out during the month of July and the beginning of August if someone is interested.

Thank you very much,

Written on Jul 09 2011 22:54
Deleted User Hej Pia!

If you still need a place you can contact us, but it is not farmwork we offer.