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Hello please help me!

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Written on Jul 13 2012 12:43
Deleted User Hello I am a member of the swedish website and I want to work in Germany, but i can not log in to the german webiste and I can not contact the hosts. Do I have to pay mambership AGAIN? That would be insane. Somebody please help me!
Written on Jul 13 2012 20:48
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Hi Jennifer,

Can I do a small correction?

Each national WWOOF Organisation manage the farm list on the country. If a country doesn't have a National Organisation, than WWOOF Independents will manage it.

Through your WWOOF Sweden membership you have access to all farms on Sweden and on te countries without a National organisation (through a protocol with WWOOF Independents).

As Germany have a national WWOOF organisation, you must apply to WWOOF Germany to access the Germany farm list.

Wish you a nice WWOOFing