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Written on Jun 20 2009 15:36
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Jan 07 2009
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Wwoof Portugal gives a warm welcome to this new WWOOF organization!
Why not choose a new destination for your travel? I am sure Casa Magdacesti will love to receive the first WWOOFers.
Written on Jun 30 2009 13:40
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Jan 13 2007
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Great Dumitru, good to see the website up and running! How's it going with the hosts? I look forward to come to Moldava and help out at the farm and meet your family!

It was nice to have you here in Sweden, it's much warmer here now though! We should have had the conference now if all the coordinators hadn't been so busy with their farms by this time.

Sunny regards!
Written on Jul 07 2009 11:35
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May 25 2009
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Thank you very much guys. I'm doing my best to make WWOOF Moldova run and with your support I accomplished a lot. Jandi I like your idea to visit Moldova, there's a lot of interesting things to see and to do here.

You're all are welcome!
Written on Jan 20 2010 22:56
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Jan 20 2010
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Friends, greetings from the United States. I just discovered WWOOF today, so please pardon me if any of my questions seem rudimentary. Two questions for starters for now: if I were to fly from the US to work in Moldova, what airport would I be flying into?? Secondly, on the assumption that I enjoy the work and people who are hosting me, how long can I stay??

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Written on Feb 23 2010 19:41
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Feb 23 2010
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Greetings from the mountains of Northern California- I also have the same questions...I happened upon the wwoof
site just yesterday and Moldova called out to me.

thanks so much!

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