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Do you need reliable help / income for two years? ( Skåne )

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Written on Jul 24 2012 16:13
Deleted User Family of 4 (43,40,14,and 7) fall a little bit outside the traditional idea of WWOOF in that we are willing to exchange money for accommodation, in addition to help on the farm at a reduced level of the traditional WWOOF'er. We have an open mind and are flexible....if you are not able to host us on your farm if you know of any dormant farms or other farmers who need a hand please let us know.


Temporarily in Sweden looking to help out on an organic farm and live in a farmhouse for 2 years. Our primary goal is to learn a great deal of working knowledge of a farm by meeting and exceeding the standards set forth by the families farm we work on.

Ideal situation.

1. Looking to rent a house on a working farm.

2. Work 20 hours a week on the farm (divided between Dad and oldest Son) in exchange for learning all aspects of running an organic farm.

3. Provide children with long term rural exposure and work ethic. Including developing a skill set focused on being sustainable and able to be self sufficient.

4. Hopefully the farm has animals and we are able to learn the basics of animal husbandry. (As a boy I lived on a dairy farm for a summer but that was 34 years ago).

One little piece of unfortunate red tape....

The farm would need to be located in Lomma, Eslöv, Staffanstorps, or Lund kommun as our children go to an international school and only those kommun's in the area support it.

About Us.

We are a Norwegian / American family who has lived in Florida, Norway, and now Sweden.

All of the family is either employed or studying and in two years we will be moving to a new country to start a sustainable living project. Between the family we hold advanced degrees in mechanical engineering and business and have experience running companies and production facilities but not farms.

None of us are afraid of hard work or getting our hands dirty. We were the general contractors for an apartment building in Norway we build and were involved in a lot of the hands on work of flooring, paneling, installing kitchens, most all interior work except tiling / plumbing / electrical. Basic maintenance of cars (tune up, changing oil). No welding skills but eager to learn.

Overall, we believe that the oil economy is coming to an end within our children's lifetime and want to give them a skillset that will help them live in a post oil economy. Therefore, we look at the opportunity to work on an organic farm as a journeyman-ship to a new way of life for us as a family.

From September 1st 2012 we are available and could adjust it by a week or so.

We have references from our landlord, professionally my wife is in charge of 100 people at a global company. As for me, working towards a professorship in sustainability after a 20 year career in business.

Our home languages are Norwegian and English. My youngest son and wife are pretty good in Swedish however, my oldest son and I have mostly worked or studied in English speaking environments, but we both look forward to speaking like a true Skåning by the time we leave.

Attached is a picture of my son's and wife. In my profile is one of me.

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