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Log in difficulties

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le Jul 31 2009 07:29
Utilisateur supprimé 1) I can not see or understand how I shall change my password to a password which is chosen by myself. We have become lazy and it takes time to look in paper or ask for a new password. Most sites have that function. I think it will be good if even this site has this function.

2) And it is also irritating that even if I save my password I have to write it all the time in the password field. One can use the "all-timelog-in-function in the program.
le Jul 31 2009 12:22
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Jan 07 2009
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Hello Anders
Thanks for posting your questions.

1) After login click on MY PROFILE tab and then in Update User Profile. Change your password (type twice) and save the changes.

2) Most browsers have a function to save the password. You need to explore this function on your browser.

Best wishes,