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Area on the host's profile for wwoofers

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le Sep 01 2009 12:51
Utilisateur supprimé I just had a thought that it might be an idea for wwoofer visitors to be able to put a bit about how they enjoyed (or didn't enjoy) their stay at a host on the host's profile page.

Kind of the like a guestbook/reference to allow other wwoofers to get an idea of whether they would like it or not.
Perhaps the host would have to be able to decide whether they want to post that or otherwise could contact a coordinator to remove it if it is too offensive or something like that so there is some kind of safety net if things do go wrong?

Perhaps the hosts could also post things about how they found specific woofers on their profiles as well.
le Sep 01 2009 14:10
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Jan 07 2009
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Hi Medebys,

One year ago I was against this idea, I want to keep the fascinating of the "blind booking" that brings so many nice surprises. But we are growing so much that this is getting necessary.

Me, Jandi (Wwoof Sweden) and Gluteus (our web-masters) begin to work on this a few weeks ago. It will be a long process until this feedback system is online, but the first step is done.

Best wishes,

le Feb 06 2010 08:12
Utilisateur supprimé I think this is a good idea. I think that host also shall have the possibility to make one comment.