Welcome to Quinta do Terlamonte

Our farm lies on the foothills of Serra da Estrela mountains, in a beautiful landscape of oak trees and broom. Half an hour walking, you will reach Zêzere River with its 2000-year old roman dams and a lot of wildlife to observe.

We like to do a lot of building work here. After having our house fixed up, there are some more projects very dear to us, like building small accomodations for guests and Wwoofers, a new mosaic atelier and some fun stuff like sculptures. But as we are only two persons, these things tend to happen very slowly.

Then there is the garden. Depending on our other projects and the number of guests we have, it can be bigger or smaller, but there is always something that needs to be done, like weeding, seeding new things, working the soil.

It can get very hot in the summer, and it is likely that we get up very early to work when it is still fresh. We then have a long break after lunch and work again for some hours in the late afernoon and evening.

Pedro is an agricultural engineer and has been training horses for years, and although we don't do large scale farmwork and have only three horses now, you will be able to learn a lot from him if you are interested. He loves to follow the world news on TV and to discuss them with whoever is available.

Sarah is passionate about art. She has been doing roman mosaics for some years now, loves to draw and paint and knows a lot about art, art history and artistic techniques. She is also quite geeky and loves her computer almost as much as her family. She will most certainly torture you with classical music at full volume while cooking.

Karl is seven. He likes dinosaurs, robots, LEGO, National Geographic Channel and lots of attention. Have you always been wondering how the egyptians made those mummies and why the dinosaurs went extinct? He's the person to ask!

Please note that the shorter you plan to stay, less interesting and less challenging will be the work we can assign to you. You will learn so much more if you take your time!
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