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Written on Jun 01 2010 21:37
Deleted User Seeing as how I already booked my flight to Sweden and will be arriving in Stockholm on the 23rd of June I already made contact with a farm for the 17th of August. I was still looking for farms with spaces left between the 23rd of June and 17th of August I still have not confirmed anything for this period because I found out that my max period of stay as a tourist is 90 days instead of the 6 months I thought it was.

I'm coming from Canada and this is the policy I found for Canadian travelers ;

"In the Schengen Area, Canadian travelers do not need visas for short-term visits (up to 90 days within a six-month period), but some countries require you to register with local authorities within three working days of your arrival. It is important to get your passport stamped when entering the Schengen Area. The absence of an entry stamp from the initial Schengen port of entry could create difficulties during subsequent encounters with local police or other authorities throughout the Schengen area."

I know it is my responsibility but I'm young and this is my first trip outside of Canada and my parents and friends have no experience with travels outside of Canada. I called the Swedish embassy and explained my situation and they advised me to get a work visa and told me it would take 2 or 3 months to get it processed which I do not have before the flight. So I hope to get some help from some experienced travelers on the best course of action at this point.

Written on Jun 02 2010 17:51
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Hi Matt,

Unfortunatelly this is an old confusion between work and volunteer!

You are not a worker! You don't have a work contract and you don't receive a salary for your volunteering!
I guess you don't need a Visa, but maybe Jandi (WWOOF Sweden) can be more clear about this.

Best wishes,

Written on Jun 02 2010 21:09
Deleted User Yes I explained that I am only volunteering and they said they count room & board is a form of payment and they consider it to be work. I have found Canada and Sweden have a youth exchange permit which allows me to spend a year in Sweden and allows me to work. I have just applied for this today hopefully it comes before I leave on the 22rd otherwise I have to tell Swedish border control that I am entering as a tourist because my youth exchange visa has not arrived yet which they can either allow or tell me to go to Copenhagen and wait for it there and then re-enter the country. Thanks for the quick reply!
Written on Jun 05 2010 14:32
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No Problem,

Please let us know the result of your "border" adventures!

Written on Jun 21 2010 11:35
Deleted User The same rules apply here as an au pair.

In the case of a person residing abroad and
permanent will be staying in Sweden (less than
6 months) so
taxable person under the rules of SINK (Special
Income for

If you are using a non-resident, for work in
Sweden and if you
aupair to stay up to six months so he can apply
if SINK (25%
tax deductions). Apart from this, travel to and from
employment and accommodation
as you pay for him free from tax and social
Taxable wages are costly and, for these to be social
charges also

The employer / payer makes allowance for the special
income tax and
pays it to the tax authorities.
Since this tax is definite is that income
not declared in

I enclose the brochure SKV 442 "Tax on
abroad, "which also contains information in other languages

And here is the form:

If the person is ordinarily resident in Sweden for more than six
months, is considered
person to be tax resident in Sweden.
Then the normal rules for state and municipal
Income and
declaration to be.

As a "private employer, the following.

Simpler tax return:
The booklet "Simplified tax for private
services ", SKV 448;
A description of the rules that apply when you
reports and pay
employer contributions and tax deductions.
The brochure is aimed at all individuals who
to someone with A-tax. In the middle of the brochure is a
tax ", SKV 4805th
Simpler tax return for private services, SKV 448

Simpler tax return, SKV 4805

Free housing and free meals are taxable benefits of
those conducted by
nanny / au-pair in the home. How to score
privilege should be
shown in Chapter 61. 3 § Income Tax Act:

- The free housing is valued at SEK 600 per
month or 20 SEK
per day.
- If two or more free meals per day, valued this
benefit to 50
per day.

If the nanny / au pair: one pays for benefits, shall
benefit is reduced by what he has paid. The rules are
same regardless
nanny / au pair: one's nationality or age.
Written on Jun 21 2010 11:56
Deleted User Above text is message from Swedish Tax Authorities

The only salary you get is the value of the food you get from the host.

But here is the solution how to fix that problem.

So in clear text. The volunteer (or the host) shall pay tax for food for 50 SEK/day directly to the volunteers home-country. In Austria the volunteer must earn more than 460 € per month before he/she has to pay any tax. It is different in all European countries how much you can earn/year before you pay any tax.

So of that reason it is easiest to forget about it. It is too complicated and take to much time to ask and check up how much a volunteers will earn for the whole year he/she stays at a host. And you will never know before the year is ended.

On 50 SEK/day for the food the host shall pay 31,42% (or 15,71 SEK/day) to the Swedish tax authorities.

So I would officially say to authorities that the volunteer pays his food by himself. (And secondly the totally value for that is taken from a part of the cost for his/her travel (because travel costs is not included in the tax-system - host does not have to pay any tax for that)).

So summary of this: No tax and no info to Authorities is need.

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Written on Jun 22 2010 00:02
Deleted User Thanks everyone for your replies. I just received my student-youth visa and I am leaving tomorrow! I appreciate all the help!
Written on Jun 22 2010 16:30
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Hi Matt,

Wish you lots of fun,