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Wwofer in Denmark from August 1 - September , looking for hosts

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Written on Jul 08 2010 00:55
Deleted User Hello! I am a 29-year-old girl looking for hosts during my farm-to-farm travel for two months. I am planning to stay for at least one week or two by each farm to work! I actually love physical work, so it would be a pleasure to help out. More than two weeks at a farm can be arranged, too, depending on the agreement with host . I am open for suggestions here. I am a lively, nice person who likes communicating, mentioning ecological solutions for the people and learning. (see profile for details). Speaks DANISH fluently, and english, norwegian, and a tiny bit german.

By profession I am a music producer, event planner and social entrepreneur. I have done events before about fair trade in Oslo. This spring, I was composer for a climate film about the fragile Arctic ice, called Ice Surprise, which was also screened at Oslo Environmental Festival this year. I would like to focus my future 100% in the environmental field. And I read alot about it, written articles in magazines about it, and for the local and regional communities in Norway I'd like to do an effort. Last, but not least, to be inspired!

Would like to gain knowledge about everything from sustainable living, building, renewable energy, permaculture, cooking, plants, planning and maintaining. I am an eco pirate and want to take the knowledge back with me to Norway in late autumn for some eco events which is the goal with this! I love events, and particulary holding eventsicon_wink.gif I might bring a video cam with me for footage some places, to document sustainable living for norwegian audience. This is of course only in agreement with a host who'd allow and want its farm to be taped. No less.
But I can also be careful and going well with children.

For the first two weeks I am having another wwoofer with me (probably), who is also a girl and from Norway. She studies green business. I have previously studied project management in Denmark!


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