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wwoofers end of august

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Written on Jun 17 2011 19:53
Deleted User hey

maybe its, fun to search with a few wwoofers together a host? (i want to go the end of august)
always pleasant to meet more peopple that share the organic lifestyle
Written on May 09 2012 13:01
Deleted User Hello!
Im looking to wwoof during the end of august/september also.
I'd be interested in going with another wwoofer, I think this would
only make the experience more fun.
Written on Jul 14 2012 18:59
Deleted User Hi,
i've just send two requests for wwoofing in the end august/ biginning of september could be nice to meet wwoofers =)
Written on Jul 30 2012 09:48
Deleted User Hi there,
I'm planning to wwoof last three weeks of August. I've sent out two requests for a stay in Sweden but unfortunately there is no opening for volenteers. I haven't figured out how to contact DK hosts without an account for but I'm very interested in meeting new people/wwoofers icon_wink.gif
Let me know if one of you likes me to join on the wwoof experience.


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