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Membership per contry.

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Written on May 06 2012 19:58
Deleted User Hello everybody! I'm a happy new member of this group but i have one question.

I live in Denmark, and therefore signed in at the danish WWOOFing site... but i want to travel in France.
Do I need a French WWOOFing account to travel in France, or can i use my danish login to login at the French site?

Written on May 06 2012 22:48
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Jan 07 2009
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Hi Frederik,
You must join the organisation on the country you are planning to WWOOF.
Sorry about that.

Written on May 07 2012 08:52
Deleted User Okay thanks for the answer ... i bit disappointed because i thought it was an international organization, and therefore it was possible to travel the world icon_smile.gif