Host Grant

Host Grant

Since 2011 WWOOF Portugal is giving a grant of 500 euros to a host farm.

The projects can be submited by Hosts that are a member for at least 2 years and didn't got this grant in the last 2 years.

An International panel of WWOOF coordinators will choose the winner.


We are choosing the 2014 winner.


Sponsoring a shower block with the water supplied from the river using a RAM pump, heated using the power of the sun and recycled to irrigate the crops afterwards.


This grant went to build a roof and buy some solar equipment on a farm on Central Portugal.

They completed the project with success and the WWOOFers can enjoy now a beautifull outside kitchen!


The grant went initially to dig a lake that will provide a rain water reservoir. As the host underestimated the budget necessary to build the lake, he gave up the grant.

The grant was redirected to the second place to build a clay house to function as a kitchen with an extra room for cheese production and storage.