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Due to the lack of activity in this Forum we decide to suspend it. If you want to participate, please join our Facebook group for active members. Thanks for everybody that collaborate during the last years. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.

Anual planning for work in Quinta da Fornalha - Algarve: what, when and who do we need?


Hello Friendly wwoofers!

[b]It's been now the 3 year birthday of our joining the woof organization! we are very happy and would like to cheer all the more than 150 wwoofers who helped us becaming what we are now: more close to our dream, becaming a EDEN.[/b]

Besides that we feel we can improve the system in some way: Many have complain that hosts do not reply private messages, and unfortunatly, we are one of these farms. [b]After years of answering all the messages we got a high rate of non-showing up wwoofers (agreeing to come and never did)[/b]. We felt that many wwoofers didn't bother to read our profile, and just shoot generic messages to lots of farms engaging conversations with several at the same time and making last minute decisions of where to go. Besides that problem in the planning for hand-help,it became hard, in the middle of all these messages, to find wwoofers who efectively/specificly wanted to come here. On this we have to say that there are people who efectively search for a life experience on organic farming and others search for a cheap holiday style break and a kind of summer social camp. Nothing against that, its just that we have a lot of work and appreciate self-regulated and motivated wwoofers, and don't feel confortable with wwoofers who 'run' or 'hide' from tasks and work . Sooooooo, what we decided?

We have plan our wwoofers needs according to the year periods and specific tasks so we can provide wwoofers a very clear image of what, when to expect and how many vacancy we have in the farm. This planning is available in our profile here[url=]http://www.wwoof.pt/hosts/home/quinta-da-fornalha/[/url] and [b]We will ask the wwoofers to state the period in which they want to come and what they want to do on the message title, and why wants to come. [/b]We hope to have wwoofers who are interested in the work we do, search for specific dates and specific tasks, bringing high motivation and working habits. We also provide a phone number: 00351281541733 and a mobile 00351917107147 you can call to make a direct application if we fail in answering your 'good title' messages for any special reason.



Dear Rosa,

I'm glad to read your post and realize that you are doing your best to manage the application situation at Quinta da Fornalha.
Nevertheless, I would like to reply with my experience.

My name is Ana Teresa and I have previous experience in WWOOFing through the Portuguese network in the last 3 years.
On September 3rd 2012 I wrote a message through the e-mail provided on the contact details on the profile of Quinta da Fornalha. This annual plan that you mentioned was available on the profile already at that time. That is why I analysed it, together with the general description of the farm, and figured out that this was a project that was pretty much going together with what I was looking for. That is why I picked it out of all the more than 100 farms.
On the message I sent (in my name and my partner), we tried to be specific and provide information about ourselves and our experience, according to what we thought was relevant for the case. We also tried to prove to be available to clarify any questions that could help to understand if the matching would be positive and we presented ourselves as flexible and motivated.

There was not any kind of feedback to our application. In the beginning of December we thought it would be fair to try to get any explanation to this (it's also important for a WWOOFer to understand why he/she is or is not picked for a farm/project), that's why after 3 months I made a direct phone call to Quinta da Fornalha, where someone picked the phone and said that it was normal that we didn't get a reply, if we were not selected to be volunteers.

This was my experience with applying to Quinta da Fornalha. This is not a complaint, it's just another point of view.

I hope things go better for you, because there are many people who volunteer with motivation, commitment, will to share and build synergies.

Take care and enjoy,

Ana Teresa Santos