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ecological 83?




Hello there
I would like to know how the rating of the ecological factor works.
e.g. ecological 83? does this refere to the year or a kind of standard?
kind regards

Expired user

hi! I'm a wwoof host and when I registered one of the questions was '% ecological?'. So it is a percentage, not the year that the farm began conversion. It is difficult to measure, though. I assumed that this refers to the land area of the farm. Wwoof hosts are not required to be registered with an organic certification body, although many are. Perhaps that would be a better question than '% ecological?'

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It is up to the host to estimate to what degree the farm is organic/ecologic and give a percentage. The definition of organic is up to the host. For example, we are not certified as an organic farm but we consider us more organic than many certified farms. On the other hand we use two cars and a tractor and have to buy non organic food to a certain extent. Feel free to ask the individual farms what they mean by their specific number.