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Farmer and new wife available May 22 - June 15




Hi Everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself to see if there are farms out there that would be interested in hosting me and my new wife Megan. We will be available May 22 - June 15 and are looking for farms that have a strong focus on growing and distributing vegetables on 1-2 hectares or more.

I'm the son of Portuguese immigrants and I grew up in a rural area near San Jose, California. My professional career involves agriculture/environment education for children and adults. I am a skilled horticulturalist and accustomed to working efficiently for long hours.

I will be honeymooning with my new wife all summer through Spain, Portugal and the Azores but I hope to find some good places to improve upon my farming skills. My wife wants to experience farm life and work as we're thinking about starting our own private farm in the future.

My experience includes 4 years managing an intensive 2-acre organic production farm that will be expanding to 6 acres next year. We grow a list of about 60 items. This farm is an educational community non-profit that I founded. See www.veggielution.org.

I can help with crop planning, planting, planning soil fertility management. I know how to grow many different crops and would love to contribute my knowledge and learn from you while I'm at your farm. We supply farmer's markets, a 40-member box subscription program (CSA) and restaurants. I can be of help discussing possibilities for expanding your distribution and marketing activities. If you already do these same types of activities, I would very much like to learn the ways you do it.

I was hoping to spend a week at each farm, which I know is a short period for a wwoofer, but I will require very little training and we will be ready and willing to do serious work while we're there. I speak Portuguese, Spanish and English.

We enjoy hard work and having a good time, including hiking, fishing, gardening, sociology, urban planning, environmental and social justice, playing music, and all sorts of other things!