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Hosts, company or tips for woofing in portugal starting in july!





I'm Emma from the Netherlands and hoping to realize woofing aroung portugal, starting in july. Yes its already july, so I'm eager to find nice, fiendly hosts! I'm planning to travel around Portugal for a few months, I will travel alone (but I'm open for company!) I don't have a real time limit, as long as I'm enjoying I will stay!

I already sent out a few reguests, but haven't found something really concrete yet. I contacted hosts in the north, middle and south. For now I'm planning to fly to Porto and travel from there as it seems there will be more room for woofers in the north. Since I focussed on finding a host from about 23th of july a feel that I have to go out there and contact/ask more people. [b]So if you are a host who is willing to welcome a beginning but very motivated woofer please let me know![/b] My areas of interest are animals, education, market/shop, outdoor activities, preparing food, procedures of making products like oils, aromatic herbs, wine, milk etc.

[b]If you are a woofer who is already experienced you may be full of tips and tricks, advice big or small it doesn't matter :) For example, will it be handy to bring your own laptop with you?
Or if you are a woofer who's also exploring woofing we may be able to help and support eachother in a 'mate' kind of way. Or perhaps even travel together for a while. feel free to contact me! [/b]

Anyhow have a great summer! It would be nice hearing from someone :-)