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Language Problems?




Is it a big problem, if you don't speak a single word portuguese? Most hosts speak english or german, but what about the portuguese people? Do you learn it quick there or do I have to learn the basics somewhere else? And what about jobs that require contact with tourists and such?




No, it's not a big problem. We speak English at home so there is no necessity for volunteers to speak Portuguese. We're happy to help those who want to practice, of course, and our neighbours can generally be relied upon to be patient whilst you build up your vocabulary.

pdro (nicht überprüft)

Hi Alban,

there's no problem on that! As you said, most host speak english and the younger population also (well... it depends a bit on what region of Portugal you are, but in general it's true). In school generaly we study english and french, some also study german and on the border with spain some speak a litle spanish. In general, the population is frendly and wishes to help the other!