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lior is looking for a place




after experiencing the country for 4 months throw volunteering
id like to concentrate more on my search for the promised land of my dreams.
there for im looking for either a farm to look after while the owners are away
or living with someone on his land (using his available facilities)
in exchange for a few days work a week (terms will be talked if relevant)

im lior a 35 year old half israely half British with extensive
knowledge of diverse farm work including animal care and working and building with wood, metal, natural metrials.
im responsible, organized, true to my word, love to lough and to be happy.

im looking for a place in the big surrounding area of coimbra from
the end of april for at least six month, possibly longer.
i will thank you if youll let me know if you know of something
available and if youll spread the word,
thanks a lot
take care,
love lior

alexheit (nicht überprüft)

hello lion,

you posted 2012 so i dont know if youre still in portugal and looking for a farm. i own a ha ground near 2240 dornes portugal. my parents bought it 2000 and moved there from germany 2001 after renovating the house and building some small additional buildings.
now the situation is that my mother passed away 2009 and my father is living in an retirement home.
the land in portugal was given to me 2007. i am still struggeling the aftershock of my divorce which seperated me from my two sons 2010.
the familyhome in portugal lies idle since 2011.

if youre intersted in living and farming there, please feel welcome to contact me.

with skype we could get an idea of one another and perhaps it fits. if so that could be the start for quite a good story.

check tamera.org and http://www.living-gaia.org to learn about the targets and ways i`am going for with my live

namaste, alex