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Looking for hosts - Ideally in the Lisbon/Peniche area




Are there any hosts located in and around Lisbon, or near Peniche?

I could possibly wwoof for an extended period of time if I could find the right host in the right location!

The main reason I ask is because I have already visited and really like the area, and also I surf in my spare time, and could quite happily wwoof for a long time with a host that was in close proximity to the sea.

I am experienced and qualified in organic horticulture and sustainable living, and am currently heavily involved in organics here in Ireland, and really enjoy working in this area - I am also very flexible in the types of work a host might need help with.

Fingers crossed!! (-:

Obrigada, C.



Hi again C.,

I recommend you have a look at the hosts map (after login):

Best wishes,




Hello Rodrigo,

Thanks for that, I hadn't seen the hosts map until you pointed it out, that's really helpful, :)

Obrigada, C.



Hey C,
My name's Jenn and I am wwoofing in a small beautiful little quinta overlooking the water in Alcochete (Centro Lusitano, my wwoof host is on the list). I arrived last week and am the only wwoofer until Sunday when another girl will come... Come this way so there'll be more of us! There's so much to do (take care of horses, gardening) and so little people. Just throwing a suggestion out. The guesthouse is comfortable and the place really is beautiful. Good luck in any case!



Hello Jenn,
Thank you so much for the suggestion, really appreciate it! I've seen your current host on the list, it's already on my list of places to wwoof at for definite, it sounds really lovely. Unfortunately, I'm still in Ireland and it will be a good while yet before I can get there, though I'd be there tomorrow if I could, am just saving enough money before I leave so I can stay in Portugal for a really long time (indefinitely if I can get away with it)! Keep in touch, we might cross paths wwoofing yet if you're in Portugal for a good while, be great to know people currently wwoofing (-:
Muito obrigada!!