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Reference/Review for a host?


Expired user


I was looking to see how one would write a review for a host? It would seem that you have to send the reference to the host, and then they post this on the profile. If this is the case, then how can anyone write an honest review if it is bad, because then the host will not post this review, and sometimes, some people need to know the truth.

Also if it is a good review, how can you guarantee that the host will post this?

Expired user

Hello Torti,

You are correct the current website has the host review sent to the host, this is so they are aware of problems or issues and they can address them immediately.
If there are negative issues that impact safety then you can send feedback directly to the country coordinator. WWOOF takes safety very seriously, and you should too. WWOOF Coordinators will take immediate action on issues of safety and coordinators can remove hosts who are not appropriate for WWOOFing and WWOOFer's.