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Due to the lack of activity in this Forum we decide to suspend it. If you want to participate, please join our Facebook group for active members. Thanks for everybody that collaborate during the last years. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.

Request from wwoofer? I do not know how to handle this.


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Sometimes I get mails like this. I do not know what to do with it. Because, in my brain, it has no connection to what I am doing. I guess other also gets similair. What do you do? What is this about?

Dear Anders;

Good Morning and I do hope this email finds you fine…
By the by and even bit belated, I take this opportunity to wishing wholeheartedly you, family and friends have a very happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful New Year of 2011…

This has reference to the Independent WWOOF Hosts & Felicia website I have gone thr’u your brief write-up and found it quite attractive & informative, commendable simultaneously useful. As an ardent fond in organic farming pursuit sectors as like a traditional agricultural family background set-up hailing from Kerala (India) cum enthusiastic in sort of organic farming ventures, I am very much interested in your services as to get involved as a voluntary WWOOFner activities and would like to know more about it in detail by return as early as possible.

In view of the above, it is my pleasure to extend the offer of various volunteer WWOOFner farming services to you on behalf of Backdal. I have got a significant and traditional experience to be a organic farming projects with the main tasks and responsibilities that mainly focuses on assessing the farm in the revitalize facility that rely on coordinating/participating further development and expansion programs, if any, in order to comply with Organic Farm’s procedures & guidelines. All the top I have extensive geographical experience also bear good moral character by all the means and energetic physique & pleasing personality also can be fully trusted.

Pls see here-below a reference to whom I was served as an assistant for the last two decades with various conglomerate companies worldwide. He is not only a ‘boss’ but also a mentor too on the all the way. Presently Mr. Andre Charbel (French National of Lebanese by birth) is in Yemen with a Lead Position of a multinational oil company. You can liaise him direct if in case you need any further information / scrutiny which you might like to have about me.

Mr. Andre Charbel (Yemen LNG) / E-mail: andre.charbel@yahoo.com
Cell Yemen: +967 713 093 261 / Cell France:+33 6 2748 9296

If you consider me as the prospective WWOOFner for your farm services incumbent, you may contact me at any time convenient to you or email by return. Therefore, I herewith attached my professional resume along with ‘My Personal Presentation’ for your further review and perusal.

I know you won't regret giving me an opportunity to show you what I can do. I am very interested in working for your farm venture in Sweden, and I am confident that you will be happy with my performance. I will contact you soon to explore the next steps.

Pls visit my WWOOFner Canada link for further information as below:

Thank you for your kind attention to this mail and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Very sincerely;
Elvandil's Avatar
Charu Dathan (alias: C. Dathan)
+91 487 2323524 (Home-India)/ +91 94006 23254

Profile Self motivated, enthusiastic and well trained Administration Professional with
proven Middle East & West African experience. Expertise in HR Recruitment &
Coordination, Office Administration & Project Document Management, Public
Relations, Personnel Logistics, and Operations. Successfully trained to manage
administrative & HR operations in various oil & gas industry projects of onshore &
offshore and in providing support to senior HR Managers, arranging travel
itineraries, preparing mob / demobs etc..
Personality Presentable personality and organized team player who possesses ability to gain
consensus and forge cooperative internal and external partnerships

 Texas Recruiting and Consulting, LLC (Houston) – HR Consultant (Current Assignment)
 Chiyoda-Technip JV (Qatar) - Assistant to Deputy Site Business Manager (HR).
 Sea Trucks Group FZE (Nigeria & UAE) - Assistant to Regional HR Manager.
 JGC Corporation (Saudi Arabia) - Administrator (HR Dept. – Hawiyah Project).
 Technip SA Offshore (South Africa & Angola) – Personnel Coordinator (Dalia Project).
 Stolt Offshore Sharjah (Acergy Group) – HR Administrator (Projects).
 ETPM-McDermott BV (Holland) – Personnel Coordinator cum Administrator

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Hi Anders,

I think the only thing you can do is to give an honest response and tell him that you feel uncomfortable hosting him and that you think his interests doesn't match with yours.

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That is how I do. Good to know I am acting correctly.



I have had only one experience of a letter like this from a university student who wanted to study for one term at the department where I was working. He was highly qualified on paper BUT when he arrived he turned out to be utterly incapable of working independently, taking responsibility, making decisions, disagreeing, initiating, thinking critically. He was good at rote learning, guessing the "right" answer, pretending to understand, copying other peoples responses, using jargon appropriate to the subject in long meaningless sentences, ...

You get the picture. I was quite fascinated by him. What do they do to students in India!?!?!? He completely failed to adapt to Western style education, poor chap.

I would thank him politely for his interest and say that you have no vacancy for him this year - unless you want a mind-bending challenge.



Hi Josef,

I would say that there are different Universities and different people around and it is difficult to generalize ;)

By the way ... nice profile!


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This letter makes me wonder something else - are letters supposed to be this formal? I sent pretty informal letters to hosts, as this is how the profiles sounded. I also thought it would bring over the idea of who I am more clearly. I haven't got any response from a host yet - 2 I e-mailed on tuesday, I think, and one on thursday - and I know it hasn't been much time, but could it be they expected more formal letters?

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This letter makes me wonder something else - are letters supposed to be this formal? I sent pretty informal letters to hosts, as this is how the profiles sounded. I also thought it would bring over the idea of who I am more clearly. I haven't got any response from a host yet - 2 I e-mailed on tuesday, I think, and one on thursday - and I know it hasn't been much time, but could it be they expected more formal letters?

I do not think you get more answers if you write more formal. Swedish people are not formal and formal mails are strange.

I think many of hosts want wwoofers to stay minimum three weeks. One week to know the host-system and also find out what your skills are. It takes very much energy to get a new "family-member".

References are the best. Profile does not say so much of what type of skills you have needed to the host. But it gives some information.

On your profile you do not tell your age. Price on air, bus and train are normally much lower than for people older than 26 years old.

25€ = 225 SEK.

Normally all tickets become more expensive as more close to departure date you buy. It is possible to buy a train-ticket for 1 SEK and nearly go half of Sweden on that. But to get it is not easy.

Maybe you have not got any answer from hosts because they have much to do just now. But you can write to next host and say that you have not got any answer from three hosts. Send also mails to the hosts you have written to that you hope you could come to them but you also are checking on more places. Just write so hosts understand that you have asked and not got any answer and then you write to more hosts.

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Oops, messed up my zeroes there in the euro-to-skr-conversion...

I'm 20, I thought it sended that information to hosts too, I needed to fill it in... But anyway, I wrote so in the letters I sent them.
I have tried to write about my skills, but I've never worked on a farm so they're just limited.
And I know minimum three weeks is better, but I just don't have that much holiday... and I also do not want to be away on my birthday (8 august) so that just limits it, I just hope someone would not mind. I looked at the 'minimum stay' things on host information, the three hosts I wrote too either didn't have one listed or it was one week..
And I'll just wait for a bit, I know hosts can be busy, seeing this letter just made me worry

Thanks for answering anyway!