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Due to the lack of activity in this Forum we decide to suspend it. If you want to participate, please join our Facebook group for active members. Thanks for everybody that collaborate during the last years. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.

riding trails in portugal




we live in the Alentejo baixo and i think it could be entirely possible to ride the back tracks between the many host woofers. has antyone tried this? is anyone else interested?




Hello Gail,

Great idea!

Maybe some hosts from Odemira region can join Gail on this project?

Best wishes,




hi rodrigo, gail.
chris from varzea da goncala, near aljezur
it would be excellent to develop this idea of a network of wwoof hosts which cyclists could mountainbike between plenty of great crosscountry trails around here, but interested people need a compass and military maps (1:25000)
any other wwoofers or hosts interested in the idea?



i've always wanted to do a long distance ride so would love to join anyone thinking of doing this. also more than happy to accommodate riders and horses here at quinta das abelhas http://www.portugalsmallholding.org

brilliant idea :)



sorry - also we could accommodate mountain bikes. we're further north but if you get a network going then count us in, i'm sure others in our area would also be into the idea especially as these are more eco-friendly modes of transport.

we're just about to ask our wwoofers to consider making a donation to http://www.ecolivingportugal.org for tree planting to offset their travel. it'd be great if other wwoof portugal hosts wanted to do this too!



Ola Wwoofies!

At this moment I am travelling by bike, from wwoof-quinta to wwoof-quinta! I started about a month ago in the eastern part of Algarve. I will be soon in the western part (up northwards). So far, so good, even excellent!!

Only, it is difficult for me to contact the quintas a lot in advance. The best way for me is to arrive, to stay & help for a few days (or even weeks or months or...) and back on the bike again, up to the next...

I would like to be the "guinea pig" for this project ;) because for sure the back tracks are even better.

feel free to contact me; leendehaeck@gmail.com // 960262698

Ate amanha!

leen (belgium)



We've just waved good bye this morning to a brilliant guest who was cycling from France pretty much around the world. I didn't envy him the hills of central Portugal!

This is a superb idea. We'd love to be involved if a network of such hosts were organised.



I am happy reading about so many people involved in this Cycling idea!

Leen ... can you write a short article with some pictures about your wwoof/cycling experience?

Please send me by mail - rodrigo@wwoofportugal.org and I will upload it to www.wwoofportugal.org .

Maybe it can be used as source of inspiration for future wwoofers and make the first steps on our wwoof cycling route?

Best wishes



Please count us in for the cycling network. We are based in the far North of Portugal, on the river Minho, natural border with Galicia in Spain. Plenty of (hilly) rides around here for sure. Lots of off road routes with incredible river swim spots all around. Ditto on other side of the Minho in Galicia.
Happy riding!

Casa Felix