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Travel Buddy!




Hi everyone!

The thought just crossed my mind that I would start a topic about travel buddys!
I have booked a flight to Algarve (Carvoeiro / Portimao) the 4th of September, and will stay for as long as things feels good, exiting and giving! I will be going on my own.

I have some loose plans to perhaps travel through europe aswell, maybe go and see Spain, Italy or France after a while (or all of them.) The thought of going to the Azores thrills me alot too.

For the first seven nights when I reach the country (4-11 sep) I have no bigger plans than just stay at the hotel that I have pree-booked, and explore the beaches, the town and enjoy the food. After that, the real adventure will start - Wwoofing. If you will be in Algarve around that time, do not hesitate to inbox me and perhaps we could share a bite to eat or explore some of the beaches!

See you there,