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wanted: wwoof experience & practice of Portuguese, a possible combination?




Hi there! Olá!

I am looking for hosts who, apart from hosting me, can possibly help me also to practice or learn (better) Portuguese. I studied it for one year at home (finished it a good year ago), but as I didn't have the opportunity to speak and practice a lot in Belgium in the last year, I'd like to come to Portugal to try it over again, and to go back home a more fluent speaker in the end. It interests me to combine this with the work on organic farms, as I graduated as a social & cultural pedagogue and did my internship on an organic farm. Argriculture and food became two of my main interests. Now most of all and first of all, I'd like to work with my hands, instead of letting the intellectual thinking go first. Meanwhile, it would be nice if I could practice my Portuguese. I recently inscribed for an intensive course at a university of Lisbon for September 2014, but it turned out to be a bit fast to arrange everything to go this end of the month already, so I cancelled my registration. Lately, I was thinking: maybe one of you, [b]Portuguese hosts[/b], has some [b]ideas to study or learn better Portuguese with them or in their neighbourhood?[/b] Of course while working on your farm I can learn it too, but maybe there are more possibilities I don't know of yet. I'd love to hear more about them!

So if you read this and recognize yourself in this story, or have more questions ... don't hesitate to let me know! Any tips or recommendments are more than welcome ;-)
For the time being, I think of a stay in Portugal from October till mid December 2014. Anyone who has suggestions for this period: thanks a lot already!

Maybe then, I'll see you on your farm!
Um abraço,



Hi Marieke!

I'm doing almost the exact same thing as you! I'm hoping to practice speaking Portuguese and get my hands dirty for 3/4 weeks and then I'm hoping to have a teaching job in Lisbon from October onwards. I'm arriving in Lisbon next Monday the 15th September and then everything depends on how my interviews go! If you would like to work together to help each other in the meantime let me know! :P




Hi there Steven!

Lots of luck with your interviews.
I'm interested in where & what exactly your going to look for; are you a teacher?
Maybe in a private message you could let me know this!
My plans changed a bit, for this time being, I stay in Belgium, but the plan is to work here at some (organical) farms/projects too. I'll see what the future brings, but in 2015 I might be going to Portugal for real ;-)
Let's keep in contact? I'd love to!