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Why do wwoofers send request and do not answer when hosts welcome them?


Expired user

Maybe it is so that wwoofers send out bulk (a kind of spam) requests to many hosts. ANd many hosts give a postive answer.

But it is polite and a good manner to answer all the hosts. It is terrible to send out bulk (many) requests to many hosts. But it is worse not to answer when you get a positive answer.

The system does not work when bulk requests are sent out.

wwoof-Sweden should (like helpex has) the possibility for hosts to see how many emails which is sent out to hosts the last 14 days. If wwoofers send many requests and hosts can see it - it is easier just to write back and say they are not interested because of the bulk-spam-requests sending.

It is very irritating to not get a confirmation-answer when I have giving an positive answer.