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WWOOFer seeks host




Hi Mr Awesome-WWOOF-host,

My name is Carl Gustavsson, I’m 22 years old and I live in a small town in the cold country of Sweden.
This fall/winter/(spring?) I’m planning to do a vagabondtrip/hitchhike down to Portugal to be initiated in this thing called WWOOFing.
Yes, escaping the polar bears is reason for this.

I’m looking for a host that’s able to have me around for a probably longer time of stay. And I say probably because I really don’t know how long I want to stay considering it’s my first time WWOOFing. But if everything turns out to be great and this is my “call”, I have no actual plans for the future, i.e. I can stay as long as you allow me to.

Nota bene that I do not know the date of my arrival, since I’m walking and such. One could roughly estimate the date to sometime around November/December.

So if you’re interested in having me, the hardworking, open-minded, fun-loving Swede as a friend, please contact me by sending a PM.