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Due to the lack of activity in this Forum we decide to suspend it. If you want to participate, please join our Facebook group for active members. Thanks for everybody that collaborate during the last years. If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.

Wwoofers must be devided in two groups! Job for the wwoof-site programmer! :bang:


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I think the system is working very, very bad. There are thousands of wwoofers and many many hosts want and need help now.

Some wwoofers will just be here and want to look for themselves what kind of hosts they want to go to. That is one group. It is extremely irritating when one do not get answer or or see that the wwoofer has made no presentation.

The other group can make a presentation of themselves and would like to be contacted by the hosts. And it should be an obligatorium for the wwoofer in this group to write the time he or she is available.

En del wwoofrar undrar nog varför ingen tar kontakt med dem. De verkar tro att gårdar har massor med tid att söka efter rätt wwoofer. Eftersom wwoofer-listan fylls på varje dag med ett antal nya som ingen vet om de är intresserad av att wwoofra eller bara kolla in orsakar det att hela systemet blir extremt rörigt och jobbigt att hålla på med.

Det finns cirka tio gånger fler registrerade wwoffrar än gårdar. Nu lyser det mer och mer rött på gårdar som vill ha hjälp nu. Samtidigt borde det finns wwoofrar som vill komma och hjälpa till.

må väl alla


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts Anders..

1. Do you think it would help out if there was a kalender were WWOOFers annonced when they planned to go WWOOFing?

2. We could make it more clear in the WWOOFers welcome mail that they can't assume that they will be contacted by hosts, that they should take own initiative to contact the hosts that they find interesting?

Other constructive suggestions that we could try to implement?

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Both points are good.

And it would be very good if the wwoofers understand that they should write from what day they are available. This is the first year since I joined the wwoof-system asking for wwoof-help (because this year is the first time we rally need help). I got very many negative answers because it seems like most wantsto be here in July or ending of June and I feel like a bulk sender nearly.

Problem is that I am not sure that they read the welcome letter so very carefully. Hope I am wrong.

Some do not write anything in their profile. What do they mean?

Some write that they would like to wwoof. Time : next year! But then they could tell.

Some say it is to far away and want to have possibility to get out of Sweden quickly. Others that it is to far in the north (here) others that they want to be more close to where they are! (they are not moving away for their whole life).
Others say that they have changed their plans so they do not know when they shall travel.

Und so weiter.

These type of answers I got at least three or more of. Some two.

I still do not understand why some ask to come and then I say they are very welcome - no return answer. (probably/maybe bulk-mailing).

In the welcome letter it must be very clear.
"If you want a host to take contact you - write that in your profile and write from what date your are available!"

"If not - write that in your profile!"

"Do not expect a host to take contact to you if you do not write anything."

Something like that could help a little bit. I hope.

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Another thing also would be good.
That wwoofers who are occupied whole summer/period should have possibility to write that. They should be reminded in some way. Introduction mail maybe.