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WWOOFing as a family





My husband and I are very interested in WWOOFing. we are young and fit, energetic and hardworking, and also have two children who will be ages 3 and 9 months when we want to WWOOF. Does anyone have any suggestions, feedback, etc? Will any hosts even want us if we have two children running around?!



Hello Kaedra and Jesse,

It is not so easy to find a place when four people are travelling together, but some hosts would love to receive a family.

I suggest that you make a wide list of host contacts and be very detailed on your description. I guess both mama and papa can't work full time together?

Congratulations for giving this opportunity for your children.

Wish you a nice wwoofing experience in Portugal,




we have had families wwoof here in the past and we normally ask that they make a contribution towards food, as we are hosting 2 adults plus children but can only expect one person to be working whilst one looks after the children (we have no young children of our own so i guess this might be different if you are going to hosts who also have young children - then childcare can be part of the "work").

we've really enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm and wonder of children (especially "townie" children) for their natural surroundings.

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If the host not have had wwoofers with child/ren before it can be problems. And also if the host are not used with small children. A farm can be a dangerous place. Tractors, animals, machines, building material and so on. One has to be very carefully with the children so no accident will happen.

And only one child takes up much time. So check it up very, very carefully with the host so they do not have any doubts with a family with rwo small children. The host can not plan to use one person full time. Because sometimes it takes more time to take care of children than one person can do. And if that happens when it is very rushy it can be some collisions. The youngest mostly sleep and do not so much noise but the older needs to move around and discover the surrounding.

But of course it is fun to have children around.But it ill be that the host also will take care of the children. And you maybe have other rules for your child than the hosts have/had for their children or how they shall behave. Then there can be irritating.

So if you carefully ask and check up the host-conditions it will probably work.

We had a French woman with a five year old son some years ago. She went to Sweden just because we (at that time only Sweden had that law and culture) do not and not are allowed to spank or smash our children if they do not do as the parents say. I do not know how it is now. More countries do have same rules like Sweden but culture is strong.

To raise children is one of the most intimacy and deepest cultural act we have.

Good luck!


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As we have five young children ourselves we would be happy to accommodate a family with children but I think talking to individual hosts would be the way to go.

Also make sure you know what to expect work wise, maybe one can help with food preparation in the house while looking after the children and the other work in the actual farm or something like that.
Should certainly be feasible, of course it should also depend on what kind of rooms and accommodation the farm has available.