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Wwoofing with kids! Any experiences?




I would love to wwoof in Portugal in February or March with some friends. We are 2 couples having alltogether 3 kids. I guess that for many hosts it's not easy (nor interesting) to host us. That's why I would like to know whether anyone already wwoofed with kids. Are there any farms open to families that you can recommend?



hey!i just read your message and would like to ask if you managed do wwoof with your group with children?because now i am at the same point ;-9 i would like to wwoof with my son ( 2 years) as soon as possible in portugal!
if you should read this i would be happy about about your experience!



Hi there,

We have 3 children ourselves (4,6 and 8 ) and are always glad to receive more kids at our project, long or short term. We are doing home schooling and un-schooling a lot as well, which works out very good. We involve and empower children by letting them be part of our everydays activities as well as promoting their creativity by doing arts, music and theatre with them.

Most of the time some friends are visiting us bringing their children with them. Our kids are very friendly and easy going, loving beings and are always happy to find more friends. :)

We focus a lot on peaceful communication and treat children with the same respect as anyone else.

Be welcome and visit us any time.