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Wwoofing with my son (3) from Sept. 15 on




I'm looking for a heartwarming magical place for me and my nearly 3 year old son.
I am a single mom, i studied pedagogy and anthropology, worked as a kindergarten teacher, I'm 33 years old, love to dance, yoga, horse ride, swim. Bookworm. I can be shy but open and tolerant. Peaceful. Easy going and responsible. Big heart.
Even so or actually because I have a child I want to wwoof. I want him and me to be outside in nature (and outside the standard system), in an amazing learning environment and in good company.
I would love to learn about an substainable lifestyle, permaculture, natural building, arts, bodyworks, community building, jam making.....
I am very interessed in unschooling.
We love animals. And other kids. It would be awesome if you had children yourself and/or other wwoofer with kids.
I could imagine to make you these 'worlds in a wooden box' for kids to drop into a deep small-scale playworld.
Do you want us to live, work, play, grow with you for a couple of month?