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Welcome to Johnny be good farm! This is a little place in the western side of São Miguel island, Azores archipelago, where we live and try to be more self sufficient. The village, called João Bom, is very small and people here are mainly milk farmers. We are 220m above sea level but in one hour walking we can be in Mosteiros which is a sea level village, with a little beach and some natural swimming pools. With a longer walk of two hours, we can be in Sete Cidades which is a wonderful crater of a sleeping volcano. As in two other big volcanoes in this island, water filled up the crater and now it has two large lakes.

Our land as around 1400m2 and being volcanic in its origin, its soil is very fertile.
It can be a lovely garden all controlled or it can be a complete jungle with weeds growing everywhere – it all depends the time we have to work on it!
We have recently bought a little land in Mosteiros with 900m2 but this one is abandoned for more than 20 years so it is full of trees and cannas that we still have to clean it before we can grow anything.

Our house is an old stone construction and was renovated mainly by us. We have made the walls with lime and used as much wood as possible in the inside. We still have some details to finish and also another smaller stone construction that needs to be renovated. We also have smaller jobs to do as gates, fences, retile roofs, compost areas, plaster walls, etc.

We eat vegetarian food but occasionally we also eat fish catch in the sea. We try to eat as much as possible organic food, but the local market is very scarce in organic vegetables and fruits. We eat mainly what we grow and we buy some products to other organic farmers, when available.

We try to work 6h a day, 5 days a week. As a woofer you’ll be asked to work with us doing whatever is more important at the time but we also try to offer different tasks, to enrich your experience as much as possible. Nowadays with the comming of 2 lovely and energetic boys, we don't have so much time to work in the garden. You will work mainly on your own, and would be great if you seat sometimes with the children and play with them.
This is a organic farm, small scale, so the work we need is varied and not only in the garden. Please bear this in your mind. If I need to cook for one more person, I also will request that this person is going to cook for everyone sometimes. I also like to work in the garden and not only in the kitchen and cleaning.

We have a tent and sleeping accomodation for you. This is simple life. We had people in our house and sometimes was fine, sometimes was disrupting our family dinamic. We need also some space and would appreciate that you understand this.

We are a Portuguese and a Dutch couple, with 2 energetic boys, a almost 4 years old and a 7 year old. They are at home all the time, so it's really important that you like to be with kids around, otherwise this place is not for you. Its important that you connect with them, otherwise you are one more distraction of their mother. This is not good for the family dinamic. But on the other hand, if you do like and seat and paint, make lego, play hide and seek, play ball, etc you will be their best friend and life will be great for everyone. Obviously I don't intend you do this all the time. Otherwise I would be in an au pair website. But this part of our life. I hope I made it clear.

Feel free to ask for more information, and be welcome all of you that want to share different experiences and at the same time meet new people and a new fantastic place that Azores islands are.

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one dog, 9 chicken and many insects
Portuguese, English and Dutch
Vegetarian and rarely fish
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One week and if it goes well, indeterminate.
We grow and collect seeds for our own use