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  • When I arrived in Portugal I had other plans and I was not supposed to wwoof at Mane's place... then fate and a few misadventures brought me in Algarve where my last-minute request of volunteering turned into three wonderful weeks that I will never forget. I had felt like home from the very first moment I enter the house; if you have the opportunity to meet this big family and all the small (except lovely Caterina...) creatures around them you should not miss it! There's always something to learn and working becomes really satisfying when you're surrounded by good vibes. If you are looking for welcoming, down-to-earth and careful people and for an experience which is really in the wwoofing philosophy don't think twice, just go and enjoy it, you will appreciate each single moment of your stay!
    I'm so thankful for the time I spent at Cabana and I would like to come back again in the future.
    Hope the best for your lives guys.

  • Dear all,

    now that I'm back after having lived one month at the Cabana, I truely get to understand how valuable is the experience I made. I'm saying -lived- and not "worked", because forming part of the team is not only the farming and animal care but also staying with a family which really implies everything a family life includes.
    The Dias family is a caring, funny and a one of a kind bunch of people, very individualistic and interested in maintaining this planet green - not only by watering!
    There are many of them and if your looking for a place to fulfill yourself in lonelyness, this may not be it. But if you're open-minded, social, kind and helpful, it won't be a challenge to integrate yourself.
    There is a lot to do at the Cabana and if you read this and think about applying, just do it. I don't know how many tipes of animals there are in total but it's like paradise: peacocks, chickens, ducks, gooses, Catalina the pig, more chickens, birds, a rabbit and a chinchilla aaand of course the horses. So these mates are real, they need to be feeded and taken care of - and they need love. It's not just a zoo :) If you know how to ride horses - perfect. They will need your attention. Seriously, it's a nice job, also, if you work in the huerta (garden). I felt really connected to nature and nature's creations and I definitely learned a lot about gardening, horses, the environment... and you feel great when you fall asleep at night knowing that you've done something useful. You will also feel it in your body!
    At last, the Cabana da Saudade is a w o n d e r f u l place. You'll live in an old country house with beautiful decoration. You'll be served the most delicious vegan food (and you can make them happy by cooking, too!). And you'll be sourrounded by a huge garden and if you have the chance to go for a ride you'll really get to know another side of the Algarve, which is so much more than beaches and coastline.

    I had a super great time with Mane, her family and the other woofers - you're all in my heart <3
    Até à próxima!

  • WWOOFing at Cabana da Saudade is like nothing you will ever experience. No matter what country or what family you come from it will be an incredible experience. Coming from France/U.S. I had no expectations. I didn't speak a word of Portuguese nor did I know anything at all about the Dias family. I didn't ask any questions when getting accepted and honestly I didn't need to, I was in for the adventure 100%. What I found was a place where you aren't judged by the ink on your skin, where you are inspired by the people around you to work hard and most importantly what family really means. I learned a tremendous amount of random little things and learned about valuable life lessons at the same time. All of this while working with the earth and animals alongside the world's own reserve of the most wonderful people. After the first few days of transition and small talk were over I just felt that ease and comfort as I do in my own home. You jump into their rhythm of life like jumping into a river, letting the current take you. Once you get in you never want to leave. You'll leave and miss every little thing that seemed so normal like eating breakfast outside with the horses, the shows the girls would put on, the nightly ritual of heading to the fire after dinner. I would do it all over a million times no hesitation. All this to say your stay at Cabana will be memorable no matter what. My advice to you, whoever you are, is to go with an open heart and let it fill up with every second you spend with this incredible family and take none for granted.

  • You probably won’t know how to fit back in the life of your hometown, if you have a home. And if you don’t have one, after being at Mané’s place I really hope you found it. You will close your eyes while training in the gym, or get distracted during a boring meeting at work or at school and you’ll see in your mind the horses’ area, in the evening at sunset, as you wait for them to finish eating so you can collect the buckets. After being at Cabana da Saudade you will remember the peace when you sat down in the garden and looked at the lights far in the distance, you will remember the silent talks outside after dinner, you’ll remember the kids’ smiles and laughter as they paint your nails, you will remember the first time you cleaned the horses and the first time you planted flowers, the time you sat in the garden watering and talking to Karolina the goat. You will carry the beautiful talks and Mané’s inspiring stories with you for a long time. You will remember all this and miss it like hell.
    Please go to Cabana da Saudade, give Mané and the family a great help and a big hug, watch movies, turn vegan, love the animals, don’t kill the plants, have a wonderful time.

  • My stay at Cabana da Saudade with the Dias family is definitely one of the best woofing experiences I ever had. There is lots of stuff going on in and around the place which makes every day super interesting. The family is warm and friendly, they really make you feel at home. Their lifestyle was a great inspiration for me and I can only hope that one day I’ll be able to create a place like that. I would absolutely recommend every wwoofer to contact Cabana da Saudade and experience the little paradise that this family build. There are not many places around like that!

  • Do not miss the chance to go to Cabana da Saudade, you would regret it. It was my forst experience as a wwoofer and i couldn't have imagined it better. The whole family is so nice, the work is so nice that you won't even feel like working, the weather is perfect in june. Man has this incredible talent that make you feel home even when you're so far from it. You will eat well, the room is super comfy, it's perfect for horses lovers and those who want to relax and live the portuguese way of life. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or doubt !

  • i had the best time! never felt so at home and i will return without a doubt!
    its the best place in algarve to relax and a part of something!!

  • I had such a wonderful time at Cabana da Saudade. I was at another farm before that and didn't enjoy it there, then I came across this profile and messaged Mané to see if they needed help for the rest of my stay in the south of Portugal (only 1 1/2 weeks). She answered the same day and told me I could come. Honestly, this was the best decision I could have made and I am more than happy I got to know this farm and the wonderful people that live there.
    From the first moment on I felt extremely welcome and felt as part of the farm immediately.
    The working conditions at the Cabana are very peaceful and it was a pleasure taking care of the horses.
    It's a shame I could only stay there for such a short amount of time, but I will be back soon and very much look forward to getting to know this lovely family better!

  • You can contact me if you have any questions about this sweet place. I spent here 2 weeks and these were my greatest weeks ever :) I fell in love with this place, wanna know the reasons ? Just ask.

  • If you get the chance to go and experience Cabana da Saudade, TAKE IT, dont think about it. You won't regret it. The Cabana is a beautiful little place hidden in the Algarve. The food is amazing and the kitchen is always open :) There are horses, chickens, peacocks, dogs and of course, Catarina, the amazing pig. The little garden is full of different vegetables, fruits, and herbs and is really a special place to work. There are hammocks to take a nap in, and a pool to cool off in. But by far, the best part of the Cabana is the family. They are beautiful, kind, and welcoming people who make the experience what it really is, unforgettable. The family there is the reason I continued to stay and the reason it was so hard to leave. I will be back :)

  • This place is beyond a wwoofing experience, this place is a chance to put yourself in the lifestyle of Portugal. The family atmosphere is absolutely phenomenal. They are some of the nicest people and accept others and try to show you how they live there everyday life. Animals everywhere and you get the chance to be up close and personal with them. The type of place you plan on staying for 2 weeks and end up staying month. The location is great, near some of the most amazing beaches and sights you could fine. It's truly a once in a lifetime experience!!! I'd suggest this place to anyone. 10/10

  • I stayed one month in the Cabana da Saudade. It was my first wwoofing trip and I couldn´t have imagined it better. When I arrived I was a bit nervous but the whole Family is soooo nice and warm hearted that you feel very welcome all the time. The kids are also nice, doesn´t matter if you speak portugues or not. They are very very cute and funny:).

    I can´t say any negative things about the Cabana because I loved and enjoyed it there. The work was very varied. Take care of the horses, work in the garden, feed the animals, some wood work is also possible, depends on the time when you arrive.
    You have also the opportunity to ride the horses if you want, also when you not really have experiences with horses, like me, they show you how to handle them and the horses are really good!
    And the food was very very very delicious;).
    I already miss this place and i will come back for sure
    Tschüss :)

  • I was in the Cabana for 2 weeks in april and went back there at the end of may and stayed for 4 weeks. From the first day I arrived I felt welcome and at ease. You get a really nice place to stay in the main house or when there are more wwoofers there's an extra private wwoofers place in the garden. In the Cabana lives a beautifull and special family that lives the way I want to live when I grow up...

    There's the horses, pig Catarina, peacocks, chickens, ducks, birds, cats and dogs that need to be cared of every day and the work in the vegetables garden, the good thing about it : all of that results and delicious vegetarian food. Next to this daily work, there is always some repair work to do or one of the creative contructional projects. Wich is very nice because, at the end, there is for example a new peacock area, made by various wwoofers. The next project in progress was wooden bridge over the pond, to have a safe spot for the children ( and adults) to see the fishes and the frogs... Again one more reason to me to go back.

    Next to the work, there is ALSO time to relax, after lunch and specially on sundays,
    you can go to the beaches even with the family, they show where the nicest beaches are. After dinner , we had some nice conversations and had a good time in the garden, at the terrace, with the. Family and other wwoofers, just this : beware of the mosquitos. I love the place and this family and will come back for sure!


  • We stayed two weeks at Cabana da Saudade and as a first WWOOF experience in Portugal it could not have been better! They were really welcoming and instantly made us part of the family, the good old Portuguese way. So much that we were even living at their house and sharing the meals together. They truly love animals and have all kinds of them, from peacocks to turtles to Catarina the pig! A big part of it was working with the horses which made us learn so much about them. But also there is a nice garden of vegetables where we spent quite some time too. The people are generous and patient to teach you all they can and always ready to answer everything you want to know and encouraging to do new things with the horses. The days are always touched with joy and life coming from the sweet kids often around. Also it was nice to have new activities sometimes and be part of the projects. We missed this place, the animals and the people every since we left it.. a great example of hosting and welcoming. We will always be thankful for those moments and really hope to come back some other time.

  • Manuela and her family have made my summer incredible. From providing excellent accomodations, to authentic Portuguese dinners and lunches, to varying work all throughout the garden, stables, and more, this was the best experience I had in Portugal. The work is fair, and she always provides options for you to do any type of project you want. The children are great and very entertaining. If you are open with everyone here, you will become part of this wonderful family, like my girlfriend and I did. I will truly miss this place, and I hope to return ASAP. This is as good as it gets.