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Host CE100

Hello everybody! We are a group of friends from all over the world that got themselves together to finally buy a land to make our dream come true: live in harmony with nature and with each other, and create a little paradise to raise up our children.
The quinta where we live together is a very special place: it is big and wild, has an incredibly beautiful river, pure air and water, and is surrounded by only more wild nature. We are totally off-the-grid: our water comes from a nearby spring, we use only renewable energies as a source of electricity, and we have compost toilets.

This year we propose to all of you to join us for a SUMMER ECO-BUILDING PARTY!! This party will be going on from now until mid-october. We will welcome (and be very grateful to) every person that wants to come to give a hand, in any given moment and for as long period of time as he/she wishes, from now until 15th october.

The work: In the eco-village there is 3 houses being built at the moment: a common kitchen for visitors of the eco-village and two family houses. We need people to accomplish the finishing of the 3 of them before October rains come around!!
We also have a huge garden that will need attendance and a common kitchen that will need to roll, so if you are more into gardening or cooking, this can be also your place :)

Our experience with woofing has shown that the most efficient and nicest way for everybody is to organize what we call "wwoofer attacks". We try to get as many volunteers as possible and all together work for a single goal as a team. The work is quite physical and intense, for about 6 hours a day and half day working on saturdays (sundays free, of course :) But on the other hand, our "wwoofer attacks" have always been an amazingly beautiful period, both for us and for the volunteers involved… working and living so close together towards a common goal makes a very strong binding between everybody, it creates a family-like friendship that stays for long after the attack is finished. We and the volunteers are always amazed of the magic and connection that arises among everybody. So, if you think you can take the strong work, come and give it a try! - it will be a beautiful experience :)
I leave some pics of the wwoofer attacks we had last year…

We have space for hosting a few volunteers, but not as many as (we hope) will come. The most of the volunteers will sleep in tents (we have some, but if you have the possibility of bringing one, it will be fantastic!). We are vegetarians and have a big ecologic garden, so a lot of our food will come from our land :)

Please contact us if you need any other info. We hope you come to meet us and share some time with us! :)

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one horse, many chickens and several cats
Portuguese, English, Spanish, German
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minimum one week
We produce renewable energy (wind, sun, etc)