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Featured farm of the month: ac016 in the Azores

Host ac016 in the Azores

The featured farm of the month is a small scale permaculture farm, owned by Magnus Johnson and Konswan Sirimanivong on Flores Island, Azores.

Apply now for a free membership (closes April 15)

WWOOFPT free membership

WWOOF Portugal offers 20 free WWOOFer memberships per year. This offer is our way to give access to WWOOF in Portugal to people with little money or those living on a low budget.

Our first featured farm: Go Dhyan Garden

Go Dhyan WWOOF Portugal

Go Dhyan Garden is our first featured farm. In the next months we will feature more farms so that people can learn more about the WWOOF hosts in Portugal.

Happy Birthday FoWO!


Yesterday was the fifth birthday of the international Federation of WWOOF Organizations (FoWO).

"Our" Rodrigo Rocha from WWOOF Portugal is part of FoWO and in this role contributes to their mission: "To unite, promote, protect and support the WWOOF movement around the world."

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