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Call to farmers in Portugal: cereals directly from the farm to the shop


“Madame Granel Lda is an Aljezur based retail store selling all its goods in bulk and in short supply chain. We are looking for cereals which are wholegrain or milled by the farmer himself, produced in Portugal, without any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, grown from non-genetically modified seeds and, if possible, from traditional varieties.”

They are buying most well-known cereals: common and durum wheat, corn, rice, oat, rye, spelt as well as other type of products that informed consumers are asking for in this day and age, as buckwheat, millet and quinoa.

“We offer a long-term partnership, based on an equal relationship. We do not only value geographic proximity and ecologic practices; we also give importance to your participation in the choice of varieties, quantities, storage conditions and prices. By cutting intermediaries we intend to get organic food more affordable while increasing both the farmer’s and our small business’s earnings.”

Madame Granel is currently seeking to establish partnerships with farms in the Costa Vicentina region.

Madame Granel Phone: 926257345 Email: madamegranel@gmail.com