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Certified Permaculture Design Course at Azula, 2nd - 18th July 2017

This PDC promises to be a very unique experience. We teach, based on our real life experience with Permaculture from over 10 years’ experience in many varieties of climate. It is our goal to live, breath and practice Permaculture every day of our lives and we are very passionate to share as much of our knowledge as possible. The 72 hours of course work, required to receive a Permaculture Design Certificate, will be covered over the two week period. It promises to be a PDC full of energy and excitement, where sessions will be taught to accommodate different learning styles combining lectures, group discussions, visual demonstrations, hands-on participatory learning and other creative ways of teaching permaculture. Participants will take part in the existing permaculture activities on the farm and see firsthand how integrated permaculture systems and holistic design are applied and maintained.


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