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Featured farm of the month: ac016 in the Azores

Host ac016 in the Azores

The featured farm of the month is a small scale permaculture farm, owned by Magnus Johnson and Konswan Sirimanivong on Flores Island, Azores. They are using permaculture principles to be self-sufficient, produce vegetables and raise animals and they educate people about healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices and enjoying life.

Magnus and Konswan are looking forward to receive you at their farm. Farm life is hard work but also offers a great quality of life for those who know how to appreciate the lifestyle. They are looking for hard working WWOOFers, who are mature and responsible, and kind and respectful. 

At this host WWOOFers stay in a wooden cabana, have bed, dry toilet, outdoor shower. Hosts cook food, wash your clothing and towels, and teach you permaculture farming lifestyle, and share their knowledge and home environment with you. 

Many WWOOFers have had a wonderful time at this farm, working, eating farm fresh meals, and on their time off work exploring the nature and people of Flores island. On days off you can explore the natural beauty of the island. You can also meet the generous and kind people from the island, both locals and ex-patriates from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and the United States. Flores is a beautiful destination in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and life on the farm no doubt will offer unforgettable life experiences.

For more info see the host proifile on our website:https://www.wwoof.pt/en/hosts/ac016

(to contact the farm you need an active WWOOFPT membership)