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Natural Building Opportunity

GREETINGS to all those interested in natural building! We are in need of help for the restoration of an ancient house of stone, clay and wood (raw materials obtained as much as possible in our farm / forest). We have some urgency, especially in the roof construction before winter arrives. All the work will be done using old techniques and we'll gladly provide you the knowledge of what is being done. Minimum time of stay: 15 days. working schedule: 5 hours per day, 2 free days in each 7 days. We provide simple accommodation in rustic house, a caravan and plenty of space for camping and three meals daily. The farm is located within the Natural Reserve of Serra da Malcata in Penamacor, Castelo Branco, completely isolated. The main goal is to work with a view to the welfare of our animals and our family, trying to the maximum self-sufficiency. We have 130 goats charnequeiras (autocthonous breed from the region) living in free grazing, we have outdoor birds in our orchard, organic garden, Bizaros pigs and four Rafeiro do Alentejo dogs. All volunteers may have the opportunity to participate in the handling of animals, including milking the goats, for example. hosts/home/quinta-da-bazagueda/ _top Marta and Fernando