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Nice WWOOFer book

For ten months, Astra researched what it meant to WWOOF, and how people could go about spending their whole lives participating in this program.

The book that ensued follows the story of a young girl who left her home to travel the world as a volunteer farmer. She immediately lost most of her money, lost sight of her plans, and lost touch with who she had thought she was. This book serves as a whirlwind tour of her story and the people in it, from gutter-punks to gurus in French bakeries or Californian coastal communes. A love story, a horror story, a near-mythological nuptial with the land, this book insists upon the goodness of the world's poor and reckless wanderers with starry eyes and helping hands. Equal parts memoir, anthropological study, and philosophical essay, this genre-bending how-to guide is an ecological, economical, and international plea to stop worrying, quit your job, and start searching. You can read the book using this link: