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Six-week learning experience

  Várzea da Gonçala presents an six-week learning experience.

Participants will be, on a daily basis, be instructed in the practical application of permaculture, gaining hands-on expertise of sustainable living in harmony with the ecosystem. The extended length of the program allows the essential connection between theory and its application. The curriculum for the six weeks is a coordination of theory and hands-on field work. We have a widely-experienced teaching team to guide students through diverse aspects of an inventive, productive and sustainable smallholding. We totally believe that practical action is fundamental to creating connection with, and understanding of, nature's way. The Internship incorporates the internationally certificated 72-hour PDC, and the structure of the course is designed to intimitely connect, on a daily basis, the teachings of permaculture to their application. This allows a deep understanding of natural processes, and of how we can positively interact with them to produce long-term sustainable results. Subjects covered during the Internship include...
  • Holistic observation of the land and it's potential
  • Organic no-dig vegetable gardening
  • Gardening with perennials, bushes and trees
  • Preservation and uses of vegetables and fruits
  • Medicinal herbs, identification and uses
  • Natural building techniques
    ·  Water management and soil-development.
    ·  Ecosystem restoration and re-forestation.
    ·  Grey water systems.
    ·  Solar energy systems
  • Animals in permaculture: use and integration
  • Social permaculture
    ·  A grounded, practical view of local community development
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