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Avocados trees? By the See ? Potential wwoofer looking for host for June :)




Bom Dia !

I will be in Portugal from the 9th to the 26th June and would love to do a lot of wwoofing and learn Portuges. My dream is a farm that grows Avocados, is close by the sea and has canoes for wwoofers : )

My second choice would be a farm with a lots of veggies, and a vineyard. Close to the sea, and a happy crowd of hard working woofers ...
I am an experienced wwoofer, did a lot of veggie planting and weeding, grape, olive, apple and strawberry harvest and tractor driving .... I can cook eatable meals for a hungry crowd of woofers, know how to use a hoe for weeding, hammer and nail for little repairs and can fix your computer problems.

Send me a message if you need help in June !

Até Jà